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Loveburgh RAW paste. 1000mg extract

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  • Completely raw & unrefined extract - contains everything mother nature intended.
  • 1000mg cannabinoids including CBD, CBDa & CBG
  • Approximately 600mg CBD & 400mg CBDa
  • Grown & manufactured in the Netherlands.
  • Zero preservatives or chemical additives within the product.
  • Natural plant terpenes contained within.

Loveburgh's CBD range focuses on one thing, synergy. Synergy within all their products is essential. This is why you'll see measured amounts of other cannabinoids working alongside the featured CBD compound. All products from Loveburgh are made from a truly organic & sustainable source based in the Netherlands.

This 1000mg CBD paste contains everything mother's nature intended. It is a completely raw & unrefined extract to ensure you're getting all the goodness you could possibly need. This paste is manufactured using only the bud/flower of the plant ensuring it contains many other beneficial substances such as terpenes, waxes, fats & amino acids. The paste itself is so rich in CBDa that it accounts for almost half of its overall cannabinoid profile.

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